Japanese Bronze Koro with Lion on the Lid

Japanese bronze Koro (Incenser) with a lion on the lid. Body is decorated with a phoenix and a dragon. Lion’s heads with open mouths on either side of the body allow incense smoke to escape. Sits on four curved legs. Slots in upturned sides allow for hanging. 18th century 7 3/8″ high X 8 1/4″… Continue reading Japanese Bronze Koro with Lion on the Lid

Chinese Bronze Incenser

Chinese bronze Incenser with cut out lid, has a scene with birds. Birds also decorate the body. Plain handle attached on two sides of the body. Characters in a seal on bottom. 19th century 4 3/4″ high X 7 1/2″ wide With handle up 7 1/4″ high $350.00

Japanese Bronze Incenser Lions and Enameling

Japanese Bronze Incenser with overall body design, and raised enameled decorations in red, blue, green and white. Three leg incorporated stand. Lion handles. Lid has a band of blade design in red, blue and turquoise, and a buddhistic lion with ball on top. 19th century 11 1/4 inches high X 8 1/2 inches wide $400.00

Japanese Bronze 3 piece Incenser

Japanese Bronze Incenser in three pieces. Separate slotted base that three lions head legs on the body of the incenser fit into. Body has all over design with birds. Lion head handles. Lid has a lion on top. 19th century 16 1/4 inches high X 9 inches wide $275.00